Backend Java Engineer

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Beevolve is looking for talented and passionate engineers.


Challenging Problems we are solving currently:

• Designing easy-to-use, intuitive and beautiful user interfaces and data visualizations (We are big fans of Edward Tufte and Jonathan Ive)

• Gathering and processing terabytes of data in real-time

• Using efficient Machine Learning and NLP algorithms to make sense of unstructured data


We currently use a bunch of different languages and tools in our journey to build a world-class product. Here are some of the things we use currently:

• Python/Django

• Dojo, JQuery, Raphaeljs/ProtoVis, Node.js


• MapReduce (Hadoop) and noSQL alternatives

• Shell Scripting

• Amazon Web Services (AWS)


What we are looking for:

You * do not * need to have prior experience in these technologies to apply - all we care about is that you enjoy programming and are really good at it.

We really value if you have contributed to open source projects, have live projects or blog regularly about technology stuff. So links to web applications you have worked on, blog, or open-source code contributions are all a big plus.


What we do:

We are a SaaS startup based out of Bangalore. We are busy creating world's best social media analytics platform that helps our customers make better and more informed decisions.


What Beevolve offers:

• Informal and entrepreneurial environment

• Working with like-minded, intelligent people who are passionate about their work

• Flexible working hours

• Market Salary